Since the 1930's we have led the effort to restore and preserve our most treasured natural resource - our lakes.



The Albert Lea Lakes Foundation shall serve as an advocate for clean water, the heart of our area known as "The Land Between the Lakes." We are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the beauty, habitat and recreational value of our water resources for present and future generations.

Our group was reinvigorated at the end of 2012 and since that time, we have been pointing the ship in one direction - forward.
— Matt Benda, Lakes Foundation Director


  1. Promote funding the restoration and preservation of the beauty, habitat and recreational value of our water resources;

  2. To partner with community, government and organization leaders to promote a positive and consistent message that fulfills the mission.

  3. Encourage youth and adult educational opportunities that provide an understanding of the mission.

  4. Promote activities that support the mission. 

  5. Promote big picture objectives. The goal never has been simply clean water but the positive effect clean water will have on our community.